By Mel Odom

From the decks of U.S. army companies patrolling the Mediterranean to citadel Benning, Georgia, and the dusty sands of the Turkish-Syrian border, this new suspense mystery runs facet by means of aspect with the exceptional sequence that has offered greater than 50 million copies. New characters and events are further to these from the already explosive Left at the back of sequence to elevate the stress to a fever pitch. With technical accuracy from a similar those that create best-selling army thrillers, this new sequence will fulfill the enthusiasts of the unique Left in the back of sequence who're searching for extra.

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It hit hard enough to knock his head to one side like he’d caught a punch from a professional boxer. The bullet ricocheted from the helmet, though. Goose took a half step to the right to recover. His sights on the terrorist never wavered. He squeezed the trigger, aiming for the kill zone. The terrorist staggered backward just as the report from ‘Tanaka’s sniper weapon echoed around Goose. It was over. Goose assigned Williams and Clark to secure the third terrorist’s body and confirm the kill, then turned back to the CIA agent.

The dry heat pulled at the half-moon shrapnel scar that ran from his right eyebrow to his cheekbone. The scar was less than six months old and still felt tight. During the last few months, his border patrol assignment had turned nasty. The body count was getting serious for all sides. Of late, a few American casualties had been added into the mix, kicking up international scrutiny and drawing the attention of news media from all over the globe. There were other hot spots in the world, of course, and news service people were hunkered down like vultures around the various front lines, waiting to see where the bloodiest violence would erupt first.

Despite the circumstances, he’d taken the time to stay cleanshaven, although he hadn’t foisted the same expectation on his men. Leadership was often as much about image as about substance. A shade less than six feet tall, with wheat-colored blond hair that almost matched the desert around him and a body disciplined by nearly two decades of military training, Goose looked like a soldier. He kept his hair cropped high and tight, but sand still found a way to burrow into his scalp, where it itched furiously.

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