By Robert MacLeod

All approximately heritage publication of Vikings 2d Edition

The legend of the Vikings is one who is shrouded in secret. during this e-book, we discover the reality in regards to the Vikings, from their origins in Scandinavia to their expeditions around the seas. identified to be ruthless raiders and fearless opponents, realize how the Vikings multiplied their empire and conquered new lands.

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Following this, the Great Army continued to wreak havoc across the English countryside until, in AD 871, they attacked Wessex, supported by another army that had arrived under Guthrum. They were beaten by an army under Ealdorman Aethelwulf at Engleield near Reading, but continued their invasion. King Aethelred and his brother Alfred attacked the Great Army near Reading and were beaten, but rallied their army and met the Vikings four days later at Ashdown, where they defeated the Great Army. Asser – a Welsh monk who became Bishop of Sherborne and later was a member of Alfred’s court – wrote a life of Alfred in which he declares that Alfred had to begin the battle without Aethelred and his men, because Aethelred refused to ight until he had inished hearing mass.

Wish to settle sought easier plunder in France, which resulted eventually in the break-up of the Carolingian Empire in AD 888. Alfred still had to contend with Viking raids, but not on the scale that had previously assailed him. At home, King Alfred set about reforming his kingdom. He introduced military reforms that would enable his son Edward the Elder and his grandson Aethelstan to conquer England. The reforms included establishing a network of forts (burhs in Old English) to protect Wessex.

We have many stories of these expeditions, and the memories of how these places were discovered have been preserved" THE NORTH ATLANTIC AND VINLAND Norse settlers arrived in the ninth century but recent archaeological evidence conirms that the Faeroe Islands were inhabited before the Vikings arrived there. A Frankish monk, called Dicuil, wrote in c. AD 825 that the arrival of the Vikings led to the departure or extermination of the Irish hermits who lived there. If the islands Dicuil was describing were actually the Faeroes, as seems likely, this means that Norse settlers had arrived by that date.

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