By Edward Jablonski

Within the particularly short interval of WWII the plane advanced from a interest right into a decisive think about army pondering.

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An He-Ill sweeps in to add its by bombs to the already burning city. (embassy of the polish people's republic) BLITZKRIEG 30 during these attacks on Warsaw that the first air bat- of any size occurred between the Luftwaffe and tles The the Polish Air Force. Polish P-lls climbed in vain to reach the bombers; the Me- 110s intercept, the Polish fighters darted minutes ter of dived to away. In a mat- the P-lls had tumbled to the five of ground. In the few short weeks of fighting a total 116 Polish of were destroyed fighters in combat German as well Polish).

Attack. The and then By September 13 the They chose propaganda promises were delusion. to fight to the end. Wehrmacht came Dr. Robert Ley, exGerman Labor that "Germans can never live into Poland chemist, alcoholic, and chief of the Front, in the who believed same condition as Poles conscripted slaves for good as On the his day that the Russians man troops, the Luftwaffe air- sizable air raid occurred on September And industry, he as he was as word. " German reinstated. set Those who survived Behind the in store for them.

Known then the planning stage; though litde aircraft were become notorious during to and the Battle Geschwader was comprised of from ninety hundred 1931 In Staff els compared aircraft as the six Geschwader. The reconnaissance six these bomber, of Britain. Milch's plans called for six fighter, in to to the StaffeFs nine. German Air Force was reckoned (roughly equivalent a squadrons to American Air Force); three years later in in the become He "air-mindedness" of among Ger- many's youth of both sexes.

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