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;The Vickers Viscount 700[Aircraft Profile 072] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: The Vickers Viscount seven-hundred Автор: Kennetn Munson Серия: airplane Profile 072 Издательство: Profile courses Ltd Страниц:12 Формат: PDF в rarЯзык: английский Размер: 14.97 Мб Для сайта: Мир книг Vickers Viscount впервые поднялся в воздух в августе 1952-го, а регулярная их эксплуатация началась ВЕА в апреле 1953-го по маршруту Лондон - Никозия (Кипр). Ближнемагистральный пассажирский самолет выпускался скомпоновкой на 40-53 пассажирских места (впоследствии до 60) zero

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;Westland Lysander Mks. I-III[Aircraft Profile 159] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название:Westland Lysander Mks. I-III Автор:Francis ok. Mason Серия: plane Profile 159 Издательство: Profile courses Ltd Год издания: 1967 Страниц:16 Формат: PDF в rarЯзык: английский Размер: 12. eighty five Мб Для сайта: Мир книгСамолет Westland Lysander использовался в Великобритании в течение всей Второй Мировой войны в качестве ударной и вспомогательной машины.

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Within two years (in 1644) Frans de Ie Boe (Franciscus Sylvius) of Amsterdam published a picture of the pancreas drawn by his student, V. P. 18). 19). Critics were to wonder whether We sling had felt slighted for having been given no credit for the discovery. 20). 17. Wirsung's original copperplate. Wirsung's original copperplate, engraved by the discoverer himself, was lost after his death but subsequently located in the Botanic Garden of Padua in 1878. It is preserved in the Palazzo del Bo in Padua.

The famous drawing of the pancreas was engraved by Wirsiing himself and sent to various anatomists in many cities of Europe. The title reads: "Picture of a kind of duct with its multiple small branches, recently observed by Jo. Georg Wirsiing, Doctor of Phil. and Med. " The Legend reads: "aaa. Upper portion of the pancreas intact and not incised; bbb. Its lower portion, somewhat removed; ccc. The said duct, extended through the whole length of the pancreas; ddddd. Small branches of this duct, spread through the whole pancreas; ee.

It has been speculated that Riolan, who had been Physician in Ordinary to Marie de Medici, Queen Mother of France, may have delayed publication because he himself was uncertain about the function of the duct. Riolan, however, as physician to the Queen, had followed her when she had been exiled in 1631 by Cardinal Richelieu. Thus, Riolan had been away from Paris and his teaching post there for almost eleven years, returning to the Faculty in Paris only after the Queen's death on July 3, 1642, four months after Wirsiing's discovery.

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