By Lieng-Huang Lee (auth.), Lieng-Huang Lee (eds.)

For a number of years, i've been liable for organizing and educating within the fall a brief direction on "Fundamentals of Adhesion: concept, perform, and purposes" on the country college of latest York at New Paltz. each spring i'd attempt to gather the main pertinent matters and line up a number of able academics for the path. despite the fact that, there has regularly been something missing-an authoritative ebook that covers such a lot features of adhesion and adhesive bonding. any such ebook will be utilized by the individuals as a chief reference in the course of the direction and saved as a sourcebook after the direction have been accomplished. nonetheless, this ebook couldn't be a kind of "All you must learn about" volumes, just because adhesion is an interdisciplinary and ever-growing box. for a similar cause, it might be very tricky for a unmarried person, specifically me, to adopt the duty of writing the sort of e-book. therefore, I depended on the primary that one leaves the really enormous jobs to specialists, and that i ultimately succeeded in asking a number of prime scientists within the box of adhesion to put in writing separate chapters for this assortment. a few chapters emphasize theoretical options and others experimental suggestions. within the humble starting, we deliberate to incorporate in simple terms twelve chapters. notwithstanding, we quickly learned that this type of plan would depart an excessive amount of flooring exposed, and we resolved to extend the assurance. After the booklet had developed into thirty chapters, we began to consider that maybe our venture were accomplished.

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2 Flow Properties of Adhesives Irvin M. Krieger 1. INTRODUCTION Rheology is defined as the study of deformation and flow of matter. In actual practice , its scope is narrower than permitted by this definition . Rheology ordinarily excludes gases, and gives short shrift to Newtonian liquids and Hookean solids. Nonlinear fluids and viscoelastic solids are the systems which are most interesting to rheologists . On a molecular scale, these rheologically interesting materials are composed of molecules or other particles which are very large compared to the atoms or molecules of the elements, yet are small enough to undergo appreciable Brownian movement at ordinary temperatures.

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