By Tim Cahill

Cahill (Jaguars Ripped My Flesh) courts intercontinental experience in those accrued trip items. He fishes for pike in Wisconsin's icy Lake Nagawicka (and competes in a minnow-drinking contest at Chuck and Sue's bar). Over the protests of the past due Dian Fossey, he eyeballs Rwanda's now-famous mountain gorillas. And he joins the newshounds flocking to the scene of mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. His pen is stuffed with adrenaline; he batters down stumbling blocks and dares to do the tough, even if this suggests braving the odor of deterioration (Jonestown's "last our bodies to be got rid of have been in this sort of nation of decomposition that bits and items saved falling off'') or surviving a major wind-chill issue. notwithstanding Cahill's humor and machismo should be heavy-handed, and his occasional sexism is tense ("menopausal waitresses'' cramp his type in Oregon), the writer's urge for food for enjoyable and hassle off the overwhelmed direction is exhilarating.

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If the PCs approach the island in the Man’s Promise’s cutter, they discover there are no safe landings along the island’s west and northwest coasts. They must sail around to the island’s eastern side to find a safe landing. The two most Shepherd likely sites to make a safe landing are the abandoned fishing village (area C3) and Crab Palm Beach (area C6). h 39 F F SKULL & ShackleS C2. The Fist A glowering f ist of rough granite rises from the jungle on the eastern end of the island. The Fist is approximately 50 feet high and is fairly easy to climb (DC 10 Climb check).

The Fields (CR 3) A clearing in the jungle contains overgrown fields of some sort of corn. The crops have gone wild, creating a high barrier wafting gently in the breeze. CR 1 Male or female ghouls (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 146) hp 13 each Treasure: Among the piles of revealing clothing inside the tent are a potion of cure moderate wounds in a leather hip f lask depicting a crocodile (worth 25 gp), three very sharp, oft-used daggers (one of which is masterwork), a chest containing six f lasks of alchemist’s fire, two barrels of very cheap perfume worth 25 gp each, a wedding dress inlaid with pearls and set with three tiny rubies (worth 400 gp), a whalebone corset set with mother-of-pearl inlays worth 20 gp, a dozen silver hatpins set with tiny obsidians worth 5 gp each, scattered gems worth a total of 250 gp, 56 gp, and 97 sp.

The ankheg the PCs look through the spyglass, they does not have a network of tunnels can catch a glimpse of pair of grindylows cavorting in the beneath the fields, as game is scarce here, but because water of the cove. A DC 20 Perception check notices that visibility is so low, the ankheg might be able to attack, take one of them is wearing Sandara Quinn’s tricorne hat—a its prey, and disappear without anyone else noticing. clue as to the missing pirates’ whereabouts. Botfly Swarm CR 3 Creatures: Two vine chokers hide in the branches of XP 800 the tree 10 feet above the ground.

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