By Tracie Peterson

Lighting of Lowell ebook 1. Tapestry of wish weaves jointly the heartrending and hope-building tales of 2 younger women. Jasmine Wainwright is the sheltered daughter of a Mississippi plantation proprietor. while her father moves a deal to promote his cotton to Lowell generators via businessman Bradley Houston, he throws an prepared marriage with Jasmine into the discount. Kiara O'Neill and her brother break out hunger in eire by way of touring to the USA as Bradley Houston's indentured servants. yet Bradley has extra in brain for Kiara than she desires to think. either girls undergo in the house of this unloving husband and cruel grasp. Will God by some means carry desire to their lives?

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Her father’s scrutiny caused her cheeks to grow even warmer. ‘‘I’ve merely replied to his letter. I didn’t think you would disapprove. Before Mr. Houston departed The Willows, he begged me to reply if he should write to me. I finally agreed, although I had little interest in corresponding with him. ’’ ‘‘It’s not that I disapprove. I’m merely surprised. He didn’t mention your grandmother’s illness when he wrote me. What exactly did Bradley say? Bradley is the Mr. ’’ ‘‘Yes, Papa. He merely said what I’ve already told you.

And perhaps your brothers’ and neighbors’ plantations as well,’’ Nolan added, looking overhead. ’’ Jasmine thought his words sincere enough in his interest, but there was something almost mocking in his tone. She followed his gaze up to the small wiry-haired boy swinging above the table. The child had fallen asleep, still clutching the feathered plume in his hand. For a moment, she actually wondered if this tiny event in their evening might well appear on the pages of some Nolan Houston work.

I permit my slaves to marry and bear children. I don’t breed them, and I don’t separate them from their families by selling them off, though there are many slave owners who think me lenient, even disruptive to our way of life for my kindness. ’’ Nolan asked. ’’ Their host actually sputtered ‘‘P-peculiar? Evil? ’’ Bradley grasped his brother’s arm. ‘‘My brother didn’t mean to offend you, Mr. Wainwright. We admire the abilities and strength of our Southern brothers, and we’re thankful you’ve agreed to educate us on plantation life.

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