By R.M. Vaughan

A murder-mystery-ghost-story-romance that manages to subvert all of the traps of such genres Daniel MacIvor

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The tip of his penis seized, as if rubbed with mint. Marsh bolted for the door, the smell of burnt hair trailing his flight. Samson looked up from his plate. Oh, have I been thinking out loud again? Milk, he thought, and grinned cruelly.

I was in theatre, so I was practically raised by liars. And Samson came from this secret, paranoid family, so he knew how to spread shit himself. We sniffed each other out instantly. We were like two negative ions, we smashed together to make something positive. We worked, for a while. The thing was, Sammy lied like nobody I ever met. Sammy lied in a whole other tune, in collosal orchestras of crap. It was super entertaining. He gave out a freaky kind of truth lie — like we both knew we were smoking on each other but it didn't matter.

I'm not murderous by nature, Marsh. M. Vaughan and put his head in my lap, to ask me for a glass of water or a sandwich, maybe a back rub. I was a tender poisoner. " Samson tucked a raspberry hankie under his eyes. A small, circular muscle in his abdomen kicked twice and folded. Samson was a breakable gossamer monster. " A Quilted Heart — 53 MarsK Cole's Diary September 6, 1970. Brindie House, Magog. Sylvain's ghost is getting bolder. He's starting to pop up in the daytime now. From behind doors, under the table at breakfast.

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