By Michael Phillips

E-book 2 of Shenandoah Sisters. Mayme and Katie, from totally diverse worlds, were thrown jointly within the chaotic aftermath of the Civil struggle. simply children, they're left to outlive in simple terms through their very own wits and shared stories. progressively, they're studying to understand every one other's strengths and to shore up each one other's weaknesses. Out in their efforts to easily remain alive comes a transforming into understanding of the Lord's love and deal with them, in addition to the dim outlines of a plan to maintain Rosewood Plantation working. The booklet maintains the tale started in Angels looking at Over Me, of 2 very attractive yet contrasting characters and their mystery challenge to supply a sanctuary for others who've been left by myself and adrift by means of a sad conflict.

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MAKING PLANS 3 WHEN WE GOT BACK TO KATIE’S MAMA AND papa’s house, Emma was in a fix of excitement and worry waiting for us. We’d been talking excitedly and laughing all the way back from town. Having Emma running outside the moment she saw us, going on and on about how she thought we were never going to come back, reminded us right quick that no matter how much we might have fooled Mrs. Hammond, we still had problems of our own right here. By then we were tired and hungry. We went inside and sat down and tried to eat something while Emma kept talking without taking a breath.

Said Katie. “What if William starts fussing or crying? ” Katie thought a minute. “I don’t know, Mayme,” she said finally. ” Our talk put an idea into my head a little while later. We could set a fire all ready to go in one of the slave cabins and maybe in the blacksmith’s shop. Then if anyone came, I’d run down and light it and then come back pretending to be coming from the colored village. If and when Emma got her strength back, she’d be a big help too. “And we can do the same with a basket of laundry,” said Katie.

So I figured me and Katie were likely gonna have to work the plantation ourselves. The next morning when I got up, I went outside and walked around for a bit, just looking at everything. Then something struck me. It was like one of those things you suddenly notice, and then you can’t think of anything else, and you can’t imagine why you didn’t see it before. This whole place didn’t look right. It looked run-down and abandoned. There was stuff lying around. Several windows of the house were broken—the one Katie’d shot out with the rifle and a few others that must have been broken by the marauders who had killed her family.

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